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Change: A Photo Gallery

Editor's note — Inkburns asked Robb Hoenick to contribute images from his collection, based on this issue's theme of "change." We asked how he chose the photos:

Each of the photos shows some type of "change." It may be political, social, environmental, or natural change. Of course, what represents "change" to me could seem just a strange photo to someone else. As a good friend once said, "You can't explain the random firing of neurosynapses." I guess that's another way of saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Click on the images to see them full-size. (Load times for photos should be under 20 seconds for a 56K modem.)

All photos copyright © 2001 Robb Hoenick

Robb Hoenick has been taking photos in a serious-amateur fashion since 1994. He has traveled to every continent except Antarctica. Robb was Senior Photo Editor at The Merger, the Kellogg Graduate School student newspaper, from 1999-2001. He has published photographs in The Merger and Kellogg World, the Kellogg alumni magazine.