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Old News: August 2002

New Publication Schedule and the Temporary Double Issue

August 1, 2002

With this issue of Inkburns, we switch to a more conventional publication schedule: From this day forward, we will publish a new issue on the first of each month, rather than the 13th.

We liked publishing on the 13th in concept; in concept it seemed like it could have been based on an ancient calendar. But in actuality it was sort of awkward. In particular, we felt bad the first twelve days of each month, when the current issue still bore the previous month's name. Overall, we had the sense of always being two weeks behind the world.

And so we're catching up.

However, transitioning from the old schedule to the new requires some finagling to ensure that each contributor has equal time in the sun. Here's our solution: We'll keep the July issue online until August 13, comingling it with the new issue. For example, you might notice that the thumbnail of the cover photo flips back and forth. On the 13th we'll move the July material to its rightful place in the archive.

Thanks for your understanding during the changeover.