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Old News: February 2002

The Times, They Are A-Changing

February 13, 2002

This issue of Inkburns comes with a pile of improvements. Among them:

  • We redesigned the Contents page so it loads more quickly. (To see the cover image, click the mini-photo or the On the Cover link.
  • We added a full-fledged discussion board called Inkboard, primarily to make The Story So Far easier to use and read.
  • We moved to a new web hosting provider, which will allow us to run scripts and therefore have polls and create new, fun activities.
  • We added a button for generous-minded individuals to donate small amounts of cash to the continued upkeep of the site.
  • We improved the submission guidelines to encourage those who would like to send their work for publication.

And regarding contributed work: We have, at long last, created Inkburns mugs. They are very nifty, highly enviable mugs, white with the red and black image shown to the right. Each one holds a mighty 12 ounces of beverage.

Each contributor past, present, and future will receive one of these nifty 12-ounce mugs in compensation for his/her efforts. Or a contributor may choose instead an Inkburns t-shirt (available in late March, we think) or a $10 fee.

We will also sell these mugs, for $9 plus shipping let's say, if people want to buy them.

The fun never stops here.