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Finalists of the storySouth Million Writers Award for Fiction announced

Editorial note: The following announcement is from storySouth. The award is not associated with Inkburns or its editorial staff. We congratulate past Inkburns contributors Gokul Rajarum and Claudia Smith for reaching the final round!

The judges of the storySouth Million Writers Award for Fiction have selected the 10 best online stories of 2003:

"A Union on Independence Day" by Sefi Atta

"The Unrequited" by Max Dunbar

"What They Weren't Worth" by Jon Fasman

"No Donuts" by Amy Havel

"You Are a 14-Year-Old Arab Chick Who Just Moved to Texas" by Randa Jarrar

"Solid Gone" by A.C. Koch

"Self Analysis" by Rattan Mann

"The Boy With The Hole In His Head" by Gokul Rajaram

"The Atomic Tellermans" by Jonathon Redhorse

"How To Catch a Good Girl" by Claudia Smith

To read these stories, go here.

Over 600 short stories were nominated for the award (which includes nominations from 51 online magazines and journals, whose editors each selected up to three stories they had published in the last year). From these nominations, a volunteer panel of readers selected their favorite stories, which are listed as notable stories of the year. Final selection were made by me. (In addition to being the fiction editor of storySouth, I have served three times as a judge of the Minnesota Book Awards).

As you know, a vote is being held among these stories to select the overall winner of the award. This award-winning story will be promoted by e-mail by all of the people who nominated stories and through press releases and other publicity. Please read the stories and vote on your favorite. The deadline for voting is March 15.