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Old News: July 2002

Inkburns Readers Know How to Party

July 14, 2002

The First Annual Inkburns Festival was a complete delight. Food, drink, and merriment were abundant, as were interesting conversation and friendly wit.

Some highlights:

Jason Schulist flew in from Poland by way of Milwaukee to read his humorous-yet-true essay about buying garlic in a French-owned grocery store. David Matthews followed with a well-chosen, humorous-but-true review of an anti-communist record. Jennifer Angelo read a humorous-and-mostly-true (except some of the bits about her husband) personal essay about the hazards of lending to neighbors. Cynthia Closkey read a mildly-humorous-but-mostly-sad short story.

People discussed the question of which superpower they would choose: flight or invisibility. By the end of the evening, flight had 75% of the vote. Comments from those who participated:


  • I guess I'm a show-off at times
  • I want to soar thru the air
  • No worry about traffic
  • I like to travel
  • Flying is better than anything! (It's the landing that hurts!)
  • So I can wear a bumper sticker that says: "I'd rather be invisible."
  • I want to fly
    So that I can be
    High in the sky
    For you to see me!
  • For the freedom of getting anywhere I would want!
  • Because I want to feel the rush of air beneath me, and to see breathtaking sites, to see the world differently.


  • Because I'm a snoop!
  • Gain access to all the top secret information
  • When I walk around in my underwear, I would offend fewer people.
  • I want to discover life's secrets. Of course, I'd need invisible cameras, videocams, tape recorders, etc. That way, I could help others know the score. And make a profit. (The news media love dirt.)
  • Just viewing the Harry Potter tape, I'd have to say invisibility. The cloak looked like a great way to gather information that I would otherwise not have access to.

While people differed on their choices, nearly everyone agreed that it was a difficult choice, and that Wonder Woman had it really good with her invisible plane. (Special thanks to Jenn Dorfield for making the visual aids for this part of the festival. The question was inspired by the "Superpowers" episode of This American Life, February 23, 2001; Episode 178.)

Two people won Inkburns mugs. Seven people came in from out of state for the party. A 14-month-old baby was among the last to leave. The incident of the broken corkscrew was handled with teamwork and aplomb. Photos of everything and everyone were taken, and will be added to this page soon.

Tremendous thanks are due to those who helped: Showcase Productions generously allowed us to use their acting studio in Butler as the site for the festival, and it was perfectly suited to the event. Susan Closkey, Katy and Mike Wayne, Phil Ball, Jason Schulist, Sharon Bostick, Tim Ingle, Kevin Florey, Melanie Dever, Brian Sullivan, Jude Closkey, Jennifer Dorfield, Jennifer Angelo, and David Matthews were all very kind with their energy and time.

Thanks are also due to those who read and contributed to Inkburns this first year. Everything has been just fantastic. Let's do it again.