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Sample Publication Contract

    Contract for: “Amazing Story”

    Contributor: Fine Author, 123 Maple St., Anytown, ST 54321 U.S.A

The item is accepted for one-time electronic publication in the June 2002 issue of Inkburns contingent on the following agreement:

  • The accepted item will not appear in any other online publication within 30 days of our publication in Inkburns. In the event that the item is accepted to appear in another online publication before publication in Inkburns, the Contributor will withdraw it from Inkburns.
  • Inkburns may (non-exclusively) reprint the piece in print (in a printed anthology for example), upon securing written permission from the Contributor.
  • The Contributor will sign and return one copy of this contract within 30 days of the Editor's acceptance.
  • The Editor will make grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage corrections if needed. No changes in content will be made without the approval of the Writer.
  • Inkburns will include the accepted item in its online archive, unless the Contributor requests otherwise in writing.

Inkburns will pay the Contributor on publication one of the following. Please indicate your choice:

  • Inkburns mug
  • Inkburns t-shirt
  • $10 fee

Contributor: ___________________________________________

Accepting Editor: _______________________________________