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The Day I Saved the World and Got the Girl

She walked like she was going somewhere. I sat and watched her while sipping on a coffee with a hint of cream and a caramel swirl painted across the top. I watched her. She went round and round. I sipped that coffee slowly. She walked past the window fifteen times. Round and round the block she went. She walked well in heels. Must be practicing. I thought that for a while. Then I wondered, why walk round and round the same block? Why not just walk somewhere and then back again? She really walked like she had somewhere important to be. She was not a dawdler, she was a strutter. She strutted past people. Everyone she walked past stopped and turned around to stare at her after she passed. She didn’t see that, but I did. Maybe that’s what she wants, I thought, as I ordered another coffee. Maybe she is trying to walk fast enough that she will turn the corner and see the people staring at her. Maybe it will be a spiral then. She will turn the corner as they turn to see her, but then they will see her again and turn again. With all the turning, a wormhole will appear. The people, the street, the world will disappear into it. Right here on this sidewalk, before I even finish this coffee, she will end the world. Unless, unless...

Unless I find the courage to get out there and talk to her. I have to do it. I have to do it for the good of the world.

That’s why I stood out on the sidewalk with two coffees in my hand.

“Like to join me?” I asked, as she came past the next time.

“Sure,” she said. “And you got me a coffee, how sweet.”

“Well, you know, I didn’t want the world the end.”

Mishel Hawas is a writer of short stories, flash fiction, speculative fiction and poetry. She is currently completing a Master of Arts in professional writing and her first collection of short stories is due for release in December 2003.

Copyright © 2003 Mishel Hawas