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June 2002

"The spark" by Michael WayneMay 2002

April 2002

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October 2001

  • "Thar Desert, on the India/Pakistan Border" by Peter KacandesThe Great Wall: Office life on the edge. Short story by Grae Yohe.
  • Erin in Asia: Our volunteer/traveler reports from Thailand. Nonfiction by Erin Neel.
  • Thar Desert: On the border between India and Pakistan. Photos by Peter Kacandes.
  • Lift: Making friends is easier than you might think. Serial fiction by Cynthia Closkey.
  • On the Cover: “Thar Desert, on the India/Pakistan Border” Photograph by Peter Kacandes (2001).

September 2001

  • "Seal in Galapagos" by Scott JacobsonTuesday and After: A first-person account from NYC. Nonfiction by Meg Miller.
  • Change: Seasons to cities, nothing is static. Photo gallery by Robb Hoenick.
  • Spring/Summer: Two poems by Cara Jones.
  • Erin in Asia: Our volunteer/traveler reports from Vietnam. Nonfiction by Erin Neel.
  • Lift: Neighbors are people too. Serial by Cynthia Closkey.
  • A River of Sap: It’s nice to know things. Nonfiction by Cynthia Closkey.
  • On the Cover: “Seal in Galapagos” Photograph by Scott Jacobson (2001).

August 2001

  • "Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy" by Anthony J. CloskeyNew Glory for Old: Nationalism abroad.
    Short story by Joseph M. Garvey.
  • Erin in Asia: Our volunteer/traveler visits a Buddist monastery and becomes enlightened. Nonfiction by Erin Neel.
  • Lift: How to enjoy the summer. Serial by Cynthia Closkey.
  • On the Cover: “Piazza del Campo, Siena, Italy” Charcoal sketch by Anthony J. Closkey (2000).

July 2001

  • "Untitled #7" by Timothy IngleLift: What would happen if you grew wings. Part one of a serial by Cynthia Closkey.
  • Erin in Asia: Reports from a volunteer/traveler in Thailand. Nonfiction by Erin Neel.
  • Blue Light Special: Why everyone should shop at KMart. Short fiction by Cynthia Closkey.
  • On the cover: “Untitled #7” Photograph by Timothy Ingle (1996).